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how to find under-reported topics that readers actually pay attention to


the best editorial decisions are often based on data. a new tool, currents, helps publishers identify which content audiences are searching for and engaging with

engage your audience with constructive journalism


want to try a different approach to your reporting? constructive journalism network offers a few solutions-based techniques to take into your newsroom

advice for using mobile journalism techniques in sports reporting

make the most of your smartphone when interviewing players, telling their stories and reporting from the heart of the action

podcast articlechristmas podcast: looks back at 2019's 青青青手机频在线视频1hot (and not) topics in the media industry

what have we learned from 2019 and what is in store for 2020? editor marcela kunova reflects on what topics journalists care about the most but also what content they share without reading

what did the 2010s mean for the media industry?

before we dive into the 2020s, looked back at the challenges and opportunities the past decade has brought to the uk newsrooms

today鈥檚 top tip for journalists

tip: handy gadgets and gear for journalists

mobile tripod

power banks, smartphone rigs and a copy of essential media law to-hand can be life-savers in the field and on the newsdesk

jobs board

contributing/managing editor

ww magazines is seeking an experienced editor for a unique role spanning its interests in both the waterways sector and the self-build homes sector. based in burton-on-trent.

pr of the week

take the 14-day sugar challenge

james goolnik, a dentist, is on a mission to help the world kick sugar. his 14-day sugar challenge cookbook helps people reduce the sugar in their diet, regain their taste buds and boost their health. all profits go to charity rewards project.

freelancers for hire


brunel university student to launch newspaper in memory of uncle and journalist david may

after the university's student publication was forced to close due to lack of interest, the legacy of the late veteran reporter has inspired a new generation

'i鈥檓 feeling like i am part of the community, i have something i can feel proud of'

many would give up if they did not make it into journalism by the age of 35. these two community reporters found new purpose in reporting local stories thanks to their perseverance - and facebook funding

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